For Zyndio Billing please call (800) 605-3738

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    Rich Solomon

    HI Zyndio Billing! Could you please tell me if you have deducted my monthly membership fee and my ZynEscapes Preferred monthly fee to my card ending 2311? Kindly update me ASAP.
    Thank you.

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    Rich Solomon

    Why is it that on my billing info in my back office it says there that I had Insufficient funds last Sept. 10, 2016? When in fact I know I had $176.00USD left on my 2311 card I made as my Primary card for billing purposes.

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    Anette Risnes

    Can you help me? :

    Can you explain to me why I have drawn so many times too much and what I have been deducted so much money for the Zyndio ?

    I would ask to be reimbursed all I have been drawn too much immediately.

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    Michael Sera

    wanted to know about cancellation on booked flight for October 4th 2016 From DCA to San Diego. what will the fee for cancellation and if there will be a fee to hold as open ticket another time. person on flight Claduio Pedery

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    J Gracia95

    Hey, I just want to say that I cancelled my Pro membership earlier this month and was told that I was going to get a refund and I never got it. In fact I got another charge of $59.99 from Zyndio for the Pro membership that I am not happy about. I need that money back and at this point I want my full membership cancelled.